Responsive Template

To have a responsive online store gets more important each day because shopping in mobile devices increases constantly. Update your Nordisk e-handel store to our lates responsive template to increase your conversion in desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The update to the new template is always done on a development store where you have to possibility to give feedback to our designers. You choose the standard theme you want and we implement and modify it for you.

If you have an allready custom made e-commerce we will have a discussion beforehand what needs to be moved to the new template and what the cost will be to get everything to work in a responsive design.

With the responsive template you will get new tools that lets you work with the content in the store in a new and more flexible way.


10 000:- (ord.price 17 540:-)

Update to one of our standard themes



Do you want extra design or do you have previous development that needs to be updated as well?