Mailchimp campaigns

E-mail is the strongest tool you can have to make your customers return to your store. It is however important to give a serious impression in the e-mails, which is not always that easy if you have never worked with design before or if you don't have the time to do it. How to layout an e-mail, what subject to use, what time to send it and how to A/B-test an e-mail is a science in itself.

We can help you create e-mail templates, create graphics to templates or manage a complete mailing for you. You can also decide if it's a one time thing with e.g. Black Friday or if you want help doing recurring e-mail marketing.

Do you want to integrate your Nordisk e-handel store with Mailchimp to be able to create automated emails? Check out our Mailchimp Integration


5 000 SEK

One time campaign



Ongoing help with campaigns