Curious about our current customers?

We can understand that, we’re very proud of our customers and we understand your curiosity. They are all amazing in their own way and we love to work with them to see their ecommerce start, develop and finally fully flower.

Perhaps you’d like to know who they are? Or be inspired by how they built their webshop? Here you can see and get to know a selection of our customers within a wide range of areas using different packages provided by us.

Let us introduce you to some of our customers!

Elbutik is your retailer of electronics and electric material and our large stock we offer both b2c and b2b fast delivery and service.

Buttericks Leco

Buttericks Leco was founded 1903 and is one of Swedens oldest retailers. Our wholesale department provides department stores and toy stores with "fun" products

Securitas Hemlarm

Securitas hemlarm experience in security and alarm services. To offer customers the best service they have access to their own security personal and alarm center.


Milsluker'n Sport specialize in all their focus areas; Kajaks, skiing, biking and running. Their experts will help you find the products that suits your needs best.

Securitas Home Netherlands

Securitas is the innovativ partner for security solutions and is now coming to your home with SecuritasHome which will guarantee a safe home environment.

Happy branding

Happy Branding helps your company strengthen your brand and your customer relations through innovative and stylish profiling. They aim to represent modern designs and for them there are no obstacles, only opportunities.

Health & Beauty

Weight Watchers Sweden

They inspire healthy habits for real life. For people, families, communities, the world - for everyone.

Kerstin Florian

Kerstin Florian main focus is selling and distributing products for skincare and spa. They also offer courses for spa and treatment in Stockholm.


Makiash is a high quality cosmetic brand based on the models own experiences. Makiash is part of the Ellos corporation.


Medistore is one of the leading distributors of hospital supplies and medical equipment to B2C, B2B and the Swedish healthcare system.


Atletbutiken is a sport shop that focus on training, supplements and health

Life Logistics

Life Logistics is the largest wholesale of health products in the nordics.



Davida sells cashmere for women, men and children. Davida stands for timeless design and quality and has been noticed in both fashion magazines and on TV.


Roaderwear focus on trendy cloths, caps and stickers. Roaderwear is also a prime exampel of what you as a merchant can do yourself with your store.


Brobergs was founded in 1881 and has then provided Sweden with cigars, pipes and exclusive accessories.

Affordable Luxury

Affordable Luxury is Swedens biggest retailer of used high end products from e.g. Prada, Chanel, Luis Vuitton and Gucci.


Kalenderkungen offers a large selection of calendars. Choose between the school year, summer to summer, January to December and much more.


Kristallrummet is one of Swedens largest retailers in beauty and spiritual health and specialize in.

Sports and Outdoors

Fritid & Vildmark

Fritid & Vildmark is an outdoors retail store based in Piteå. They sell everything you need for fishing hunting and visiting the Swedish outdoors.

Golf Fashion Online

Golf Fashion Online offers a large selection of brand clothes and shoes for golfers.

These Go to 11

At These go to 11 you will find everything connected with guitar sound!

Custom e-commerce solutions

SL - Storstockholms Lokaltrafik

For SL we built a portal for customers to order personalized travel cards

Karolinska Institutet

The restaurant at KI have a custom solution for ordering delivery of food and drinks for the hospital and university and a booking system for visitors of the restaurants.

Sveriges begravningsbyråers IT AB

Together with Bitnet, Nordisk e-handel is part of the digital intermediation of memorial gifts to Sveriges Begravningsbyråers Förbund.


Skånetrafiken is the regional public transportation authority and operator in Skåne. They have a custom e-commerce solution and custom hosting solution.

Home improvement


Elot sell electrical materials and is specialized in lighting materials


Bygggrossen specialize in selling building materials for both professionals and B2C all over Sweden.

Archive 7

Archive Seven offers a modern and exciting collection of posters and prints of the highest quality.