About us

We don't lie when we say we love e-commerce...

A lot of people use this page to brag about their company. We’re doing things a bit differently. Partly because we’ve built our ecommerce platform for 15 years and are quite secure in the knowledge that it is a good solution, so we have no need to boast. But also because we would be nothing without the amazing people who work with us. That’s why we’re going to use this page to tell you about how things are at our company and give you a chance to get to know us better.

As you might have gathered we work with an ecommerce platform. Working at a tech company is incredibly fun. Don’t believe us? The people who don’t love nerding out about technical solutions, design and hosting usually don’t believe us you see. But that’s the thing. We love doing this stuff for you so you don’t have to.

We’re very proud of our customers. They, like us, are really passionate about their trade. That is why we want them to have as much time and energy as possible to work on their business. Not all of the things surrounding it. Our customers are running webshops in a lot of different industries. They also vary in size from small single person webshops to some of the largest companies in Sweden.

To be able to guarantee our customers the seamless service, quality and security that we always strive for we make sure to work with the latest functions, modules and integrations that are available. Together with our partners expertise we can give you stable and advanced server solutions. On top of that they are maintained 24/7 så that you can gain a good night's sleep and let us make sure everything is running smoothly.

We’re a cheerful bunch here at Nordisk e-handel. In this regard one would want to avoid sounding like a cliché but we have a lot of fun together, laugh a lot and enjoy ourselves. If you were to come visit us some time you would meet us all. So you could get acquainted to musicians, basketballers, Pokémon Go-champions and many, many more.

Let us introduce ourselves:

We work here

Rebecca Brodd

Acting CEO
2020 our CEO Rebecca stepped through our doors for the first time. Nowadays she’s often here earliest in the morning, enjoying the relative calm. Despite being new with the company Rebecca has had Nordisk E-handel in her heart for a long time. She’s previously been CEO for one of our partners but now she’s ours and rumors say that it’s the creativity, energy and solution-oriented work of our company that has charmed her, innovation and her leadership skills make us very happy to have her.

Bernhard Hedlund

Quality Assurance/Systems architect
If you pop by there is a good chance you will find Bernhard in the couch. This is where he likes to sit when he is working trough different solutions to the problems he is working on. There is nothing he likes more than solving problems that have been eluding him for weeks. Om du kommer förbi hittar du troligtvis Bernhard i soffan. Där brukar han sitta när han filar på olika lösningar. When he's done he will notice the rest of us eating lunch. If Bernhard is in charge of activities we will most likely play games in different formats. He is a true game enthusiast.

Emma Kraft

Project Manager & Sales
On the couch you might also find Emma. She often move between the couch and her desk. She is a restless soul who likes variety. Restlessness is a good driving force, both on the walks with Emmas dog Torsten and in her interest in interior decoration and business development. If you visit us you will probably bump into her having a big smile and a cup of coffee in her hand.

Filip Broman

Product and Project manager
Filip on the other hand would rather stay out of the couch. If you want to find him you’d have to visit his desk. In our open office space he is positioned right in the middle. You’ll find him exchanging ideas with passers by and sometimes talking about recipes. At least if you catch him after 9 in the morning when he’s had his first cup of coffee.

Helena Olsson

One of our bright glowing support stars is Helena. She’s also a regular on the couch with Bernhard and Emma. She’s a crafty kind of person and knows a lot about plants, so if you don’t have green fingers she’s the perfect person to talk to to learn something new. Besides this she’s also a very fun person and contributes a lot to our familial setting.

Magnus Björklund

Creative Director / Frontend Developer
Magnus was one of the first people to step through the doors at Nordisk e-handel. Since 2007 his creativity has flown through rooms, co-operations and projects. The same creativity has inspired and contributed a lot to his humor and knowledge. In spite of Magnus being “an old fox” he still has more energy than most of us.

Martin Bui

Another person who contributes a lot to the familial mood in the company is Martin. To begin with he sought his way to the company because he was curious about the ecommerce industry, but now he’s remaining because he likes the rest of us so much. A feeling that is mutual! Ask him about a good recipe or a tip for a good travelling adventure (when travelling is safe again).

Martin Hansson

Senior Frontend Developer
In front end development you need to have a lot of creativity and good imagination, something Martin has in droves. Most often you’ll find him by his desk with music in his headphones. Outside of work, at our weekly dungeons and dragons games he is happily shouldering the role as our company dungeonmaster. No frontend question is too big or too small and we’re as happy to see him every day as we are to see him.

Nicole Diko

Support Team Leader & Sales
Right in the middle of things you’ll find Nicole. Her favourite time of day is around lunch, when everyone sees each other in the dining room. If you were to hang out with her after work you’d probably join her for boxing exercise or on the padel court. She’s always helpful, loves jokes and is good at lifting others.

Paul Saarnak

Senior System Developer
Do you like film and music? Then Paul is your man.He knows almost everything there is to know about movies (a bit of a snob about it, but we like that.) and the creation of music. He’s among the first people hired at Nordisk e-handel and he’s a real professional. He enjoys the constantly evolving business and he enjoys our company.

Thomas Björk

Senior Fullstack Developer
Glued to his computer you’ll find Thomas. It’s always inspiring and special to meet people who work with their hobby, Thomas is one of those people. Since starting at Nordisk E-handel in 2014 he’s been putting a golden edge on the mood in the office. Besides this you can get good advice on playing Pokémon GO, he’s a real expert.

Tor Hellström

Teknisk Projektledare/ Frontend Developer
Last but not least we present Tor, another MVP (Most Valuable Player) when it comes to creating our familial mood here at Nordisk E-handel. He’s a basketball coach in his spare time and like many others here he also loves board games. Tor is there when it happens and can take your idea from seed to fully flowered.

Johanna Nilsson

Customer Success Manager
Johanna is a new and dear addition to the Nordic E-commerce family that you will most likely find out on our balcony - as long as the weather allows it. According to Johanna, the best thing is to arrive in the morning, turn on the coffee maker and open the balcony doors to let in the morning light and the fresh air. With her training as an E-commerce Manager, Johanna has quickly become invaluable to us.