About us

Vi ljuger inte när vi säger att vi brinner för e-handlare…

We have developed our own e-commerce platform for almost 15 years now and have today several hundred customers in different markets and branches. During the years we have updated our platform with features, partners, integrations and services to be able to provide an up to date platform where our merchants can operate a successful business.

We are proud to say that we can offer a complete e-commerce solution built for growth where we have merchants who have grown from side business to one of the biggest e-commerce sites in their category.

Nordisk e-handel also offers e-commerce optimized hosting and hosting solutions. Quality and security are crucial. Our certified experts can offer you stabil and advanced hosting solutions with 24/7 maintenance and surveillance. Read more about what we can offer in hosting here.

Nordisk e-handel is part of eValent Group AB and is located on Gustav Adolfs Torg i Malmö, Sweden.

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